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Hello there, sooo this is my first time blogging. We all might have our first time moments in a new environment in our life some way or somehow. But to be honest, I am sure that everybody have their on way on overcoming this freaky feeling of awkwardness. But the simplest way of getting rid of that felling is to break the ice. What does it , mean by breaking the ice or knowingly as ice-breaking. It’s a metaphorically figure of speech, the ice is meant by a tense feeling between two person or more. This situation is reflect in a way how when we first touch or in-contact with an ice cube. The cold feeling of emptiness and hollow is just the same as meeting someone you don’t know the first time.

So this is the story of how I  break the ice in the MADPP. What is the MADPP you ask. Well it is a  programme towards an American degree that is under MARA. We will be “prepared” just 8 months in Malaysia ( ooh yeah I’m a Malaysian ) and then off to the states. The first time I did my research about this programme, I was terrified. My head kept revolving of the idea of what field should I choose? what are my cons in this offer? Where is the location I will be placed?. Many things that popped up in my head and the registration was just a few days more. Aarrggghhhh!!! I was in a dilemma and I need to choose fast. But lastly I stick of choosing this offer.

The day of registration was upon, I was on my way  from home to kktm lenggong ( that was  100 km’s away ). Soon I arrived at the registration counter, preparing my documents and other stuffs. There I was back to square one going back to a student life again. But this time there was a few privilege’s, the rules are not so tight but they still have rules. Next, the ice-breaking thing, I was the only boy from my school so I had nobody I known formerly. So it was time to break the ice, we had an orientation programme after the registration for a week. The administration had planned a full three days programme so we can form a bond between each other. We were assigned into groups of five people. From that point on, we had to work in to groups and build teamwork skills.

  From activity to activity, we were getting used of each other. For me I think that we had accomplished something bigger that was friendship. But an even bigger perspective is that, for the boys, we have convinced each other that we are like brothers. Whom like to play around with each other, helping each other out and doing things fun. Yeah, that was truly amazing and interesting for me to  experienced. There you see that after the ice cold tension of awkwardness comes a warm and cozy feeling of acceptance. In conclusion, there is nothing wrong of feeling awkward, everybody has sometimes feel strange. So just be yourself and let loose of your emotions and in the end you will feel just like I did that is the feeling of being yourself.

I think I would like it here.

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