Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Hello fellow bloggers, so as you might know that I am a student or more specifically an undergraduate. OMG!!! The life of a student is so tough, I am not saying neither its easy nor hard, but it’s a challenge. The journey is just only beginning in my life, I have more challenges, obstacles, bridges to cross and who knows what God has install for us in the future.

Every day is different from the other. Each day has something special installed for us and we as humans must accept this truth. Every person around the world are going through different type of situations and phases everyday but what makes them up on their feet every day to face this challenge? What is it?

For me the solution is simple, in our self we should have a believe or saying that motivate us to do anything, I mean anything. A saying that can make us do stuffs we can’t or unaccomplished in the past! Overcoming our fears! Pro-Lacking of self-confidence! You name it. With just only those magical words we can believe to accomplished our goals and more.

The trick is that you need to have a phrase that is near to your heart or maybe a phrase you might take from a person you admire and look-up too. For me, my wisdoms words are something that my elders once said to me. That was “Don’t think of what people are saying or look at you while you are doing what you are willingly to do. Just ignore those bad thoughts and move on to do what you are doing.” People will just keep judging and judging of the things you do. The only way is just to ignore those irrational voices and stay true to yourself.  

Overall, we as people should have something to believe in whether it is religious or other beliefs but most importantly everybody should have a believe that makes the reason they are still standing on their both two feet. I hope that my wisdom words and this could help you in your daily life and can be very helpful in the future. Thanks for reading….😉😉

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